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The following information can be found in the glove compartment of every motor pool vehicle. Every operator of a motor pool vehicle is responsible for understanding and adhering to ALL policies. Use of motor pool vehicles is a privilege that can be revoked. All policies are also listed in the DAS Fleet Services Policies and Procedures Manual.


Use Authorization
Operator Requirements and Responsibilities
Picking Up Vehicles
Returning Vehicles
Vehicle Repairs
Accident Reporting

Use Authorization

Motor Pool vehicles may not be driven home before an authorized trip is to begin or driven home upon the completion of a trip. Vehicles needed before 7:00 a.m. must be signed for the previous day and parked in the Parking Structure at E. Grand and Penn Ave on the 3rd floor near the reservation area and left overnight.

If an authorized driver lives in the same direction as his or her destination, he or she may take the vehicle home prior to the trip with the authorization of Fleet Services. Such a request must be in writing to Fleet Services and accompany the Motor Pool reservation prior to the assignment of a vehicle.

Only authorized State of Iowa staff and authorized non State employees may operate a motor pool vehicle. The vehicle may be used only for State of Iowa business. No one, other than State of Iowa employees and authorized non-State employees, may ride in a State of Iowa vehicle unless they are preforming work on behalf of the State of Iowa.

Domestic and non-domestic animals are NOT allowed in the vehicles with the exception of seeing-eye, hearing-ear, and service dogs.

Vehicles are not to be used for towing. No objects are to be placed, mounted, or tied to the outside of any motor pool vehicle. Damage resulting from any of these conditions will be the responsibility of the requestor's department (or organization).

Use of tobacco products including smokeless tobacco and "vaping" is strictly prohibited in all motor pool vehicles.

Operator Requirements and Responsibilities

All drivers of motor pool vehicles must possess a valid U.S. driver's license. For insurance purposes, the Motor Pool office must have on file a list of all persons who will be operating motor pool vehicles. Drivers must submit a Driver's License Verification Form to be able to drive on state business.

The operator of the vehicle has, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Safe operation and security of the vehicle until it has been returned to the Motor Pool.
  • Strict adhere to all traffic and parking laws. A practice of road courtesy at all times. YOU are responsible for all traffic and parking violations. Any citations received by the Motor Pool office shall be forwarded to the department (or organization) that reserved the vehicle. Speeding in a motor pool vehicle will result in a 90-day suspension of driving privileges.
  • Safety belts are to be worn by all occupants of the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in motion. The driver is responsible for ensuring that all occupants comply with this requirement!
  • Do not abuse this vehicle! Vehicle damage resulting from abuse is subject to payment by the driver's department (or organization).
  • Drivers are required to report any and all mechanical defects upon return of the vehicle.
  • A cleaning fee of up to $180.75 will be assessed if there is any evidence of smoking, excessive dirt or other material.


Agencies wishing to cancel or extend a vehicle reservation must do so prior to travel by contacting the Fleet Motor Pool at 515-281-5123. A $50 fee will be assessed for all late returns or failure to pick up.


Picking up a Vehicle

Keys for vehicles rented from DAS Motorpool can be picked up at the key kiosk located inside the DAS Motorpool satellite office on the 3rd floor of the parking structure, 650 East Grand Avenue.

Your reservation confirmation email identifies your confirmation number, the car number, the office door security code and the WEX PIN.  Motor Pool vehicles are located in the Capitol Complex Parking Structure in Des Moines at 650 E Grand. (Spot #1 starts on the 3rd level).

Return of Vehicles

Drivers returning a vehicle shall:

  • Park vehicles on the 3rd floor of the Capitol Complex Parking Structure in Des Moines at 650 E Grand.
  • Vehicles must be refueled and locked, all lights turned off, and vehicles are free of trash or excessive debris (up to $180.75 cleaning fees will be assessed if interior cleanup is required).
  • Deposit the keys and WEX fuel card in key kiosk located inside the DAS Motorpool satellite office on the 3rd floor of the parking structure, 650 East Grand Avenue. To ensure efficient vehicle utilization and use by other agencies, keys and WEX cards must be returned promptly upon the conclusion of each trip. Failure to turn in the WEX fuel card with the keys will result in the assessment of a daily late return fee of $50 until the card is returned. If the WEX card has not been returned by noon of the second business day after the completion of travel, the driver's agency will be assessed a replacement card fee of $12.50.
  • Report anything that may need to be addressed with a vehicle (cleanliness, alerts on the dash, etc.) by submitting a Fix-It Ticket.

Vehicle Repairs

Vehicles which develop mechanical problems while in the local area should be returned for replacement. In the event that it would be impractical to operate the vehicle, the Motor Pool should be contacted for assistance. While the Motor Pool strives to maintain its fleet of vehicles in the best possible condition, breakdowns do occur. The Motor Pool will make every effort to assist the customer during any breakdown situation to minimize loss time and inconvenience. However, the Motor Pool shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the travelers other than the actual cost to repair the vehicle. This specifically includes room and board.

If a motor pool vehicle has a mechanical breakdown while on the road, please use the following procedures:

  1. For Minor repairs (i.e., estimated to cost less than $300), the traveler is authorized to have the vehicle fixed. Vendors should bill the State of Iowa directly.
  2. For Major repairs (i.e., estimated to cost more than $300), the traveler must obtain prior authorization from the Motor Pool Staff by contacting the Motor Pool during regular business hours.

Accident Reporting

In the event of a vehicular accident, the driver will stop at once, give reasonable first aid to those injured, and will call the police. All information related to the accident and all drivers involved will be written down at the scene. All accidents, no matter how minor, will be reported within 24 hours to the Risk Manager. An Accident Report must be completed with 72 hours. Accident Report can be completed online.

  • When conditions and/or regulations permit, move to the shoulder or side of the roadway to prevent further damage or hazards. If conditions or regulations do not permit moving the vehicle, contact the local authorities immediately.
  • You must contact the local authorities and complete an accident report. Advise authorities if medical assistance is needed.
  • Obtain the names and addresses of witnesses.
  • Report accident to Motor Pool office as soon as possible. You may leave a voicemail after normal business hours.

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