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Agile Motor Pool Reservation System Frequently Asked Questions  


Q1.      How often will I need to change my password?

A1.      As often as you'd like. Passwords do not expire.


Q2.      Do the requestor and driver both receive the confirmation email?

A2.      Yes.


Q3.      Can a driver make a reservation or just a requestor?

A3.      A driver must also have requestor status to make reservations.   


Q4.      What is the difference between the reservation request email and the confirmation email notifications?

A4.      The reservation request email shows the user that a reservation has been requested.  Once a car has been assigned, the user will receive an email with a confirmation number, assigned vehicle, and additional information. 


Q5.      What is my user ID?             

A5.      Your user ID is your State of Iowa email address.


Q6.      What happens if I get locked out?

A6.      Please contact the DAS Motorpool office at 515-281-5123 to reset your password, which unlocks your account.


Q7.      What is my eDAS Code?

A7.      An eDAS code is a unique, 4-digit number and/or letter combination that translates to an accounting line for billing purposes (fund, department, org, object, etc.). If you don't know your eDAS code, contact your finance department or budget analyst.


Q8.      My profile has a default eDAS code.  Can I change it to a different eDAS code?

A8.      Yes, the eDAS code field can be changed on the reservation. 


Q9.      I made a reservation but I did not receive a confirmation.  

A9.      This means that DAS Fleet does not have a vehicle to meet your reservation requirements. You will receive an email from DAS Fleet Motor Pool with other options.


Q10.    If I request a full size and none are available, will a vehicle in another class be assigned?  

A10.    If a vehicle is not available in the class you are requesting, you will receive an email indicating whether a different size/class motor pool vehicle is available.


Q11.    I received a cancellation email for a reservation I submitted. Why is it cancelled?

A11.    You will receive a cancellation if DAS Motorpool does not have a vehicle to meet your reservation requirements.  DAS Motorpool will then contact you to see if you would like an Enterprise vehicle.


Q12.    Why would I be offered an Enterprise or Hertz vehicle? 

A12.    DAS Fleet currently has a contract with Hertz and Enterprise Rent-A-Car to fill reservations if motor pool vehicles are not available. You are offered this option if DAS Motorpool could not provide a motor pool car.


Q13.    How do I fuel an Enterprise or Hertz car?

A13.    DAS Motorpool will supply a WEX fuel card to be used while the employee is out on trip.


Q14.    Is fuel for the Enterprise or Hertz car included in my rental?

A14.    No, fuel for the Enterprise or Hertz rental is billed separately.  The rates from Enterprise and Hertz do not include fuel.  


Q15.    I did not receive a vehicle check out sheet with my keys as I have in the past. Why?

A15.    All DAS Motorpool vehicles are equipped with GPS units. The mileage is tracked in the system and automatically reported, so there is no need for manual reporting or the check out sheet.  


Q16.    Where do I pick up my keys for a reservation?

A16.    Keys for motorpool vehicles are stored in the self-serve key kiosk located on the 3rd floor of the parking structure at 350 East Grand Avenue.  This is a 24-hour service: .  Keys for non-motorpool rentals can be picked up at the rental agency's office.  If requested in advance, the vehicle keys for non-motorpool vehicles may be picked up from the DAS Fleet Services office located at 109 SE 13th Street between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Mondays and from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.  The entrance is located on the West side of the facilities management building. 


Q17.    Where are the motor pool vehicles located?

A17.    All DAS Motorpool vehicles are located in the parking structure at 650 East Grand Avenue in Des Moines, on the corner of 6th and Grand. DAS Motorpool has reserved spots indicated by green signs beginning with spot #1 on the 3rdfloor.


Q18.    Can I park my personal car in the parking structure?

A18.    Yes, you can park in a DAS reserved spot.  The parking ramp is open to the public and parking is free. 


Q19.    When I return from a trip, where do I put my keys?

A19.     The key kiosk  box on the 3rd floor of the parking structure is available 24/7.  All DAS Motorpool rental keys should be returned to this location.  Any non-motorpool vehicles should be returned to the DAS Motorpool office and 109 SE 13th Street in Des Moines.


Q20.    Where do I park the motor pool vehicle when I return from a trip?

A20.    Motor pool vehicles should be returned to the 3rd floor of the parking ramp and parked in one of the spaces reserved for DAS Motorpool vehicles.


Q21.    I am a supervisor and I would like to see who is making reservations for my agency.  Is there a way I can see them?

A21.    Under the user profile there is an area to enter the supervisor's information.  Please fill this area in on each user you would like to receive information on.  Each time the user has a reservation or a change you will receive an email. 


Q22.    Can we see the list of vehicles and choose the one we want?

A22.    No, the system will assign vehicles based on availability, mileage and usage. 


Q.23    Can I change a reservation made by another requestor?

A23.    No, only the requestor who made the reservation can make a change to the reservation.  If that person is not available, please contact the DAS Motorpool office for assistance.


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